If you’re looking for a safe and mild anabolic steroid that still packs a punch then Oxandrolone may indeed be for you; you know it by its most popular trade name Anavar. The Oxandrolone hormone is one of the safest anabolic steroids we have at our disposal and when it comes to side-effects it is by-far the friendliest of all. For these reasons alone many performance enhancers choose an Anavar cycle to meet their cycle needs and what’s more this includes women to a large degree. As anabolic steroid use is limited in women in-terms of the anabolics they can choose Oxandrolone remains the most female friendly of all; in-fact, many have labeled it “The Girl Steroid” due to its highly effective yet safe female use. Make no mistake, a man can run an Anavar cycle too and yield solid results but it remains on the whole this steroid is far more beneficial to the female gender.

Highly desired due to its safe nature, those who run an Anavar cycle will find they pay quite a bit more for this anabolic steroid compared to many other forms; it can be one of the most expensive of all. It’s not uncommon to pay $2 for a 10mg tab and in many cases as much as $4 per tab if it is of a high quality form. This can be very costly to the male performance enhancer as he will typically need a large dosing of this hormone to reap a reward. Even so, it’s hard to put a price tag on safety and this alone can make an Anavar cycle worth the price regardless of the actual price you pay. Of course we must note, as one of the most highly desired anabolic hormones, Oxandrolone is by-far one of the most commonly counterfeited. For this reason you will need to use extreme caution before making such a purchase.

Female Anavar Cycle:

With the female Anavar cycle being the most beneficial it only makes sense to start here with female use. The largest concern surrounding female anabolic steroid use is virilization; such symptoms can be quite horrific to any woman as they attack here very femininity. The majority of anabolic androgenic steroids will have this effect on women and while Oxandrolone can too the odds are very slim if supplemental use is of a responsible nature. Before we delve any further we must stress if virilization symptoms begin to show you are encouraged to discontinue use immediately. If use is discontinued at the onset the symptoms will fade away rapidly; if left ignored they may indeed become of a permanent nature. However, it remains, those who use responsibly and hold to such use will in almost all cases be 100% fine; in-fact, they’ll be more than fine as they will display a better physique and one that is athletically more efficient.

For the female athlete an Anavar cycle can be perfect for both bulking and cutting cycles; the same cannot be said of men. While many women will notice an increase in strength, making athletic use highly desirable, without question this steroids popularity rest in the physique sports and we’re not just talking about female bodybuilding. The fitness and figure competitors many have come to admire and to the surprise of many even the bikini, much of what you see owes its allegiance to the simple Anavar cycle.

The actual Anavar cycle itself; most all women will tolerate 10mg per day perfectly; some women may find need for as much as 20mg per day but you need to make sure you tolerate the hormone well before such a dosing is applied. While 20mg may be used by some most women will never need to go above the 10mg mark. In almost every case 6 weeks of continuous use will be well-tolerated with 3-4 week breaks being highly advised if another Anavar cycle is desired shortly after the initial one. Regardless of use, it remains our 6 week mark will be our gold standard.

Male Anavar Cycle:

If you are a male who desires to run an Anavar cycle you are in almost all cases going to want to reserve this for cutting phases. While powerfully potent in women the Oxandrolone hormone will do very little for men who are looking to pack on size. It could be used for this purpose but it would take a massive dose to reap any sort of reward and the reward would not be large. Of course as this steroid will not aromatize, any weight gained due to use will be that of lean muscle tissue but the cost due to the price of the hormone simply makes this an inefficient choice.

While bulking may be a poor choice of use an Anavar cycle can have a more than welcomed effect on a well-planned cutting cycle. The Oxandrolone hormone can greatly aid in preserving lean tissue and enhancing recovery capabilities as well as increasing total metabolic activity within the body. Further, when lean the Oxandrolone hormone can have a positive effect on the hard appearance of the physique. No, an Anavar cycle will not have these effects to the degree of Trenbolone or Equipoise and not even as much as Winstrol but it can be a fine addition to a total anabolic stack.

Most men who run an Anavar cycle will find 50mg-80mg per day to be sufficient. Higher doses can be used, some may find 100mg per day to be warranted but this is rare; further, doses that approach and surpass the 100mg mark rarely provide any additional benefits if any at all. For most men 6-8 weeks of use towards the end of a cutting cycle will be just about perfect and all the Anavar they will ever need. Of course it is important to remember, if you choose to use this steroid you’re going to pay a high price regarding dollars to milligrams; as such, choose your supply wisely.


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