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You want to grow, you want to really pile on the muscle tissue and see your strength go through the roof. If this sounds like you than you do not want to purchase Anavar. Millions upon millions purchase Anavar on a regular basis and while it has a very effective purpose adding a lot of lean muscle tissue is not that purpose. A very mild steroid and one that is well-tolerated, many purchase Anavar for those reasons and those are good reasons but this does not make it a good bulking steroid; in-fact, we’d call it one of the absolute worst.

If you’re going to purchase Anavar you will want to do so for your dieting or cutting phases as this steroid is in-fact well-suited for that purpose. Yes, you can gain some lean tissue due to this steroids use but not a lot. For a man to gain any real tissue from this steroids use he would need to purchase Anavar in massive quantities and as it is a very expensive steroid this simply makes bulking a very inefficient choice. While all of this remains true and we can assure you it does, those who purchase Anavar for their cutting needs will be far less disappointed; if they do things correctly they should actually be very well pleased.

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When to Purchase Anavar:

Most will find Anavar well-suited for dieting phases and the strong majority will find it best suited towards the tail end of a cutting cycle. The leaner you are the more results you’ll display; this doesn’t mean you have to wait until you’re at your leanest but the results will be far more superior if you’re not carrying a massive amount of excess body-fat. The majority of men who supplement will best be served by such use the last 6-8 weeks of a cutting cycle. For women the same can be said but many women will find such use at the beginning to be a little more beneficial than a man might find.

In any case, as a mild anabolic steroid those who purchase Anavar will find it greatly preserves lean tissue that is often lost when dieting. Further, the metabolism will be enhanced allowing us to burn even more body-fat; this is especially useful when trying to lose that stubborn fat that often hangs on for dear life at the end of a diet. These are by far the best traits of the steroid but the hormone can also lend to a harder and more well-defined physique and that is a nice bonus for just about anyone.

The Price you Pay:

Those who purchase Anavar will find it to be one of the most expensive anabolic steroids on the market; especially men. Men will necessarily need to supplement with large quantities of this steroid even when dieting to receive any true benefit. Most men will need at least 50mg per day and as 10mg tablets are often $2-$4 a tab this can get very expensive. While men will see their pocket books shrink due to a purchase of this steroid it will be far more cost-efficient for women as the average standard female dose is only 10mg per day.

When you purchase Anavar, as it is already expensive you need to exercise extreme caution as this hormone is one of the most commonly counterfeited of all time. For this reason you are encouraged to purchase human grade Anavar whenever you can; although human grade versions are counterfeited too the odds are far more in your favor. Of course if you do your homework, research your supplier thoroughly then you’ll more than likely save yourself from a counterfeit purchase each and every time.

The Female Factor:

While well-suited for men, females will find this steroid far more beneficial. For decades females have made up a large portion of those who purchase Anavar; in-fact, the fitness physiques you may have to come to admire from bodybuilding, fitness, figure and even bikini largely owe the Oxandrolone hormone a lot of credit. The reason women benefit so greatly from this hormone is its well-tolerated nature, it is very side-effect friendly and women simply seem to be more sensitive to the hormone in a positive results fashion. Of course problems can still arise, we’re all unique individuals and for this reason caution should always be applied. Women who supplement should discontinue use at the first sign of problems. If they do the problems will fade away rapidly but if ignored they may become permanent.

The End Game:

If you purchase Anavar, although an expensive anabolic steroid, if you supplement during the proper time of use and do so responsibly you’ll be well-pleased with your results. Of course and it cannot be overstated, before you purchase Anavar from any supplier you need 100% assurance that your product is going to be of a 100% quality nature. This may take a little leg work, you’re going to have to put in a little effort but with a little patience you should be able to find and purchase all the quality Anavar you could ever need.